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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nation baptized by walls of fire.

These days during the 90th anniversary of Vimy Ridge victory I've learned about the glorious past of a great nation.

It is quite interesting to discover that Canada showed to the world its national status in a impressive way. Using state of the art technology and pioneering war strategy the united Canadian troops raised world's eyebrows in making possible the impossible (as exclaimed by a French soldier) by a surprising victory at Vimy Ridge.

Such a brilliant victory didn't come though without sacrifices. Even though 80% of the enemy's fire power was taken out by Canadian artillery (by using for the first time wireless communication of spy planes) the impossible challenge of conquering Vimy Ridge required military geniality that Canadians found in synchronizing infantry advance with artillery's fire power that was opening the way. In spite of all these innovations over 10000 Canadians (out of 100000 engaged in the battle) made the red carpet of victory with their bodies, giving birth to a nation.

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