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Thursday, February 23, 2006

GE won two gold medals!

Rest assured, these are not sports medals. They are though in an area that has lots of similarities with sports, the area of business competitions.

While Olympic Games takes place every few years, in the business world, Olympic kind of competitions are non-stop. Leading business publications like Fortune, Financial Times, Forbes, Barrons are publishing each year the results of these competitions.

It so happened that the next day after I've declared GE as the champion of the Olympic technologies, Fortune Magazine released its rankings of the Most Admired Companies. And guess what? General Electric (GE) is the champion with two gold medals! GE was ranked as America's Most Admired Company and World's Most Admired Company from a list of 303 top companies.

If you want know why GE is the business champion click on this link [pdf] and learn about what makes GE great.


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