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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Notes on Waterloo Buskers Festival

Today is the third day from the official openning of the Buskers Festival. The King Street in Uptown Waterloo have been divided into many performance areas (A to G as shown on this map) that are animated by the scheduled performers. Many volunteers contributed to such a well organized event. Everybody has a good time. The performers are engaging the audience in their act making each show very funny. One of the puzzle for the audience, that I recall, was: how do you count to 3 in latin? Answer: "eye", "eye eye", "eye eye eye" :) The bellow pictures try to tell the festival's story.

"Stitch" is fighting with his ladder. Posted by Hello

Some entertainment between performances is more than welcome. Posted by Hello

Interesting way to turn. Posted by Hello

When people feel that a new performance is about to start they "flock" ahead of time to get a good spot. Posted by Hello

People show their appreciation to the performer and hurry up to catch another one. Posted by Hello

After the show people are moving to...  Posted by Hello

...the near by performer...the contortionist guy. Posted by Hello

and...he made it to the top of the ladder. Posted by Hello

DynaMike, with his big knives, has no success in scaring the guy in front of him. Posted by Hello

Aidan Orange warms up to get his body through a racket. Posted by Hello

USA Breakdancers were very funny all the time. Posted by Hello

High Stung performance. Posted by Hello

She is trying to step on his head. Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Waterloo's Buskers Festival next week.

The 16th Annual Buskers Carnival will start on Wednesday next week and from its program it looks quite a promising entertaining event. The Carnival's reputation is on the rise as performers from England and USA will join the Canadian performers to show their talent on the streets of Uptown Waterloo.

Personally I've seen during another event in Kitchener the performance of the Acromaniacs that have a very risky stunt named "neck on neck".

If you want to get in the mood of the carnival, check out these photo galleries:
1. On the street 2003.
2. On the street 2002.
3. All photo galleries.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunrise in my neighborhood

Posted by Hello

These are not hurricane Charley remnants.Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Landed Ballon in neighborhood

We were almost to call it a day when suddenly a big hot-air balloon woke up the entire neighborhood, when it succeeded to land in the community's sports field. This was a rare occasion to closely see one of the 3 or 4 balloons that almost every weekend magnificently passed us at some altitude. Moreover it was fun to see the deflation and packing techniques too; otherwise you either have to chase it or you ride it :) Anyways this balloon proved to be THE EVENING EVENT in the neighborhood. See the story in the below pictures...

It looks like it tries to lean on the wrong side...but some hot air shots will stabilize it. Posted by Hello

Now it is leaning in the right direction. Posted by Hello

No emotions anymore...the balloon is down. Posted by Hello

Exciting event for some...How many of them had the occasion to see a balloon so closely? Posted by Hello

What's a hot-air balloon, afterall? Just a big tent... Posted by Hello

...with some accessories, of course... Quite simple isn't it? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival.

While cars were zuumm-zuumming on King Street and the ballons were "cruising" from Victoria Park in Kitchener, the Waterloo residents were already enjoying for few days the jazz music. It was a month ago when the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival took place. The free festival brought in the Uptown Waterloo high class jazz performers and the audience was delighted.

The background stage painting in the below picture is of Podi Lawrence, a Waterloo resident painter with an international reputation. Check below the other 3 pictures I took.

That's a cool stage. Posted by Hello

The festival's name is nice and clear advertised. Posted by Hello

In the evening this place is crowded (see below). Posted by Hello

Lots of jazz fans. Posted by Hello